House Couture


Chan & Eayrs


Chan + Eayrs avoid the generic and mass produced approach of Property Developers, and do not operate within a traditional Client-engaged Architect and Interior Designer model. Instead their holistic role is simple, they are Artists, and their work House Couture. 

"As Artists, we search for our subject and canvas (our acquired sites or property), design a vision for them, and then personally shape them into unique works of Art. Art for living in."

House Couture is a play on words and association with Haute-Couture. Despite its non-relation to sewing, like Haute Couture, our process is a boutique and labour intensive operation. 

Every step is carefully choreographed, from selecting the site to choosing the antiques. It is a very passionate and personal process. Our hands on involvement from inception to fruition, is key to the uncompromised integrity of our work."