House Couture


Chan & Eayrs


Chan + Eayrs are Artists of the Home. Founded by a duo of trained Architects, their work demonstrates a preoccupation with materiality, craft and composition. With a focus on Aesthetics, Architecture, Interior Design, and the process of making, their approach is artisanal and holistic. Each project is made with honesty to the chosen materials and method of construction and their completed homes form a cohesive composition, from the Architecture through to the choreography of interiors.

Reinventing the traditional role of the Architect and Developer and eschewing mass developments, Chan and Eayrs hero craftsmanship, using each site as their canvas to create entirely bespoke homes.

With an academic training in Architecture and Interior Design and vocational background in Architecture, Interior Design and Property Development, Chan and Eayrs’ unique take on House Couture has garnered a faithful following for their one off and unique projects.

Undertaking only one project per year from finding the site to the most minute details, Chan and Eayrs’ homes are distinguished in both their rareness and aesthetic beauty.