House Couture


Chan & Eayrs


Chan + Eayrs is an architecture and art studio focussed on the creation of bespoke and curated, architectural residences, with an invest, design and build approach.

“Our sites are our canvasses, we design a vision for them, and then personally shape them into unique works of Art for living in.”

Extending our creative role as Architect - Designers beyond paper allows us to operate more as Artists, creatively unrestrained in our style and role, and in full command of our subject site, vision and material outcome.

"Every step is carefully choreographed, from selecting the site to sculpting of each detail on site. It is a very passionate and personal process. Our hands on involvement from inception to fruition, is key to the uniqueness and uncompromised integrity of our work.”

Aiming to reimagine spatial volumes and material craft in the home, we look at nature, art, local context and vernacular influence; approaching the architecture of the home as an experience and art form for living in.