Signature Design

British - International Timeless Design

British vernacular architecture fused with the light and open volumes found in Japanese homes. A serenity and privacy resonates the peace of a Chinese courtyard house. Light glimmers off the soft plaster walls like the souks in Marrakech.

With each House, a variety of contrasting cultural references, colours, materials, and forms are reborn into a new, coherent whole. A truly one-off and rare space to live in.



Materials & Lifestyle

Serene, Beautiful, Easy-living

Part of our Art is fusing the practical with the intangible sensory experience of the home. Drawing upon Natural palettes: Cool stones, warm woods, dancing shadows and light, and contrasting volumes are our tools to calm or awaken the soul.



Our Process

Transforming Our Blank Canvasses

Sites are the blank canvasses from which we craft our work.

'Every step is personally choreographed, from selecting the site to choosing the antiques. It is a very passionate and personal process. Our hands on involvement from inception to fruition, is key to the uncompromised integrity of our work.’